Travel to Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is recently becoming one of the most wanted destination by tourists who come to Bali. As there are plenty of articles available telling you about beautiful places to visit in Nusa Penida, I will share some hints before you decide to go there, based on our own experience.

1. Depart from and Arriving in Sanur
To enjoy the most of Penida, take the 3 days and 2 nights tour. Well, the one-day trip is OK, but we think you will be in a hurry, skip some beautiful spots, and feel tired at the end. We suggest you to take 9 or 10 AM ferry from Sanur on the first day and the 4-5pm ferry from Penida on the last day.

It takes around 30-45 minutes to cross the sea from Sanur beach to Penida by ferry. There are plenty of ferry operator that you can choose. The price and service of each operator are all the same. But as other tourist attraction in Bali, the ticket price for international and domestic tourist are different.

Not like in Nusa Penida harbor, you will experience a bit of walking on the sea-shore when you enter the ferry in Sanur, because they haven’t got a proper harbor yet. So make sure you wear shorts, or swim pants and sandals. Don’t forget to also take hangover pill if you can’t handle the waves during the boat trip.



2. Transportation
When we visited Penida on July 2018, some of the main roads to most tourist attraction in Penida was still dirt, dusty, and no road-block near the cliff. Don’t forget about the heat. Distance from one point to another is not close, about 30-40 minutes driving because of the road. So if you want to enjoy the trip and don’t want to waste your time, I really recommend you to rent a car along with the driver instead of motorcycle or self-drive. It’s also hard to find tire pump along the road (in case something happened), local people is centered in some area so it’s hard to ask for direction (and if you find one, they might not able to speak English), and the signal reception is on and off.



3. Accomodation
Book a hotel in the center of the island (near the harbor). The hospital, ATM, and some minimarket (or warung) is located near the harbor as well. Usually the driver will divide your trip into east and west side on each day. When you stay in the center, you can be more flexible when choosing which route that you will do on the first and second day.


4. Meals
I can’t remember finding a tasty restaurant when we visited Penida. So don’t expect too much in culinary side. But the restaurant in Semabu Hills, serve you an absolutely breath-taking view of Mount Agung. And don’t forget to enjoy coconut while chasing sunset in Crystal Bay.


Raja Lima


Make sure you stock plenty of water during your trip. To get the best lookout or view, you need to walk to the sites, sometimes with lots of stairs and climbs (plus the bonus heat from the sun). But I guarantee the view is spectacular!

Sanur Port is located 40 minutes from Dura Villas Bali via Gatot Subroto street. If you need any assistance or information about the Nusa Penida tour, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our staff in the lobby. We hope you find this article is useful